Key Man of Project

SANJIB ACHARYA Chairman, Serum Group
Secretary, Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation

The Solemn proclamation of us is to overpower and wipe out Thalassemia. So as not hear a child say "My eyes resembled to my father, my smile bear resemblance to my mother and my sad inheritance is their deadly genetic disease," Oh no! We wish that we no more hear it from our progeny to come - through out the length and breath of our land and the Globe as a whole - by application of our mind / method, as envisaged by the world bodies like WHO and others.

Thalassemia is deadly genetic disorder is mean that the disease caused by defective gene (The defective synthesis of hemoglobin). Thalassemia has no root cure, but it's growth rate at present can be retarded only by mass awareness and simple blood test. It is in the context on last 28th May 2006 we have form this federation lead by interested individuals from the different segments of society / social organizations to arrange pre-marital detection and counseling to safeguard against Thalassemia victimization.