Quality Policy

Quality consciousness The steel frame of the organizational structure of Serum has paid royal dividends in terms of having the best clinicians medical institution and laboratories as clients. A rigorous training and vigilance by the effective mgt. has made the company to use its 4 resources like men, machines, materials and methods and this has been appreciated by quality hunters who come for auditing from various accreditation bodies. A meticulous system well trained man power, the best of technologies for specialized testing, an uncompromising approach to instrumentation and wise selection of quality reagents have ensured that Serum is looked upon as a yardstick for quality in the industry.

Quality Standards

Serum is committed to Six Sigma Quality - powerful and rigorous data centered approach improvement for 99.997% accuracy we strive to achieve this through high-caliber employee training to leadership and data driven management decision making.

In addition We

l Maintain a global document system (Standard Operating Procedures and Controlled documents).
l Provide regulatory training updates.

We are Committed to

l Create a health care delivery system through diagnostic reports of 100% accuracy within the shortest possible time frame.
l Access state of the art technology by installing world class equipments.
l Create an enabling environment to faster human resource development through constant up-gradation of the skill sets.
l Capture the latest technological innovation by up-grading the quality of equipments and human resources.
l Benchmark ourselves against the best international practices in our relevant segments.
l Create an ambience of trust, faith and integrity amongst patients, medical practitioners and other stake holders.
l Provide continuous improvement of laboratory performance by monitoring proficiency testing results, training and up gradation of skills through CME programmes.
l Implementing a quality system in compliance ISO 9001:2000.
l Foundation of our quality efforts is the rigorous statistical methodology of Six Sigma. Serum has pioneered the application of Six Sigma principles in diagnostic testing maximizing quality and efficiency.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) efforts focus on being

o Customer Driven.
o Process Oriented.
o Performing Error-Free Work.
o Continuously Improving.