Technical Strength

Today the entire operations at Serum is controlled and monitored by Computers with powerful software application handling thousands of our patients' data is a tedious task but Serum managed to track each and every individual specimen's information from the huge number of specimen details. Serum is used a software at the DMS end. Serum has indigenous software, developed by a team of pathologist and software professionals keeping in mind the needs of patients, doctors and the company itself.

Our Backbone - Serum .. A renowned name in diagnostic history of Eastern India, emerging with the latest technologies of diagnostic system, including -

Modernized System in multiple franchisee management.

Swift collection & multiple billing systems through web based technologies.

Modernized and well equipped lab controlled by experience technicians & pathologists in the field of End-crinology, Cell-biology, Gene-based Diagnosis, Cyto-Histopathology etc..

Automated Reporting system through a tested diagnostic management software, operated by a team of efficient boys and girls.

Auto caution system generated by software is making a value of perfection in our reporting system.

We are ready to clarify any query immediately after performing necessary repeat testing. In case of any complains from the doctors or the patients related to investigations.

Salient features of SERUM

Specimen Logistics

Data Transfer

Results Downloading

Handling Clients

Communication Module