Terms & Conditions

1. The Franchisee shall use his endeavors to promote and expand his capability to collect testing samples from his allotted zone / area. 
2. The Franchisee shall not take under or collect any samples which he knows or has reason to believe on intended to collect outside his jurisdiction without prior consent of the Franchisor. Due to non payment / outstanding franchisor has no alternative but to stop reports of samples sent by the franchisee. In these circumstances franchisor has no liability to the patient parties. 
3. The Franchisee shall keeps his books of accounts and pay the actual amount to accounts dept. of S. Serum Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd. at 82/4B, Bidhan Sarani, Kolkata - 700 004. If any amount falls due, management will take the necessary action. 
4. The Franchisee shall not take excess price for any kind of test (s) which is mentioned on the price list of the Franchisor. 
5. The Franchisee who takes the reports through Internet / Email has only right to print out the same after download and in the instant case he shall have the right to only print out and he has no right to alter and / or amend / or misuse the report and after downloading if he alter or amend the report he shall be solely responsible for all cost and consequences. 
6. The Franchisee who takes the report through Internet / Email shall only use the report pad provided by the Franchisor for downloading the report and franchisee shall maintain privacy of it. 
7. The Franchisee shall not assign, transfer or change his right under these presents in all correspondences and documents in relations to the tests shall describe himself as the Franchisee. 
8. The Franchisee shall not act as the franchisee for any other company like S. Serum Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd. within the allotted specified territory during continuance of the present agreement. 
9. The Franchisee shall not use the false name and goodwill of the company "S. Serum Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd." for his wrongful gain. If the Franchisee wants to make any promotional materials in the name and style of the company "S. Serum Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd." he must takes the necessary prior permission and approval from the company. 
10. The Franchisor can cancel the franchise by giving the notice of 7 days if found the Franchisee is acting against the interest of the company. 
11. The Franchisee shall give the satisfactory volume of business (Which is decided by the management of S. Serum Analysis Centre Pvt. Ltd.); otherwise franchisee agreement may terminate after several reminders from the Franchisor. 
12. The entire costs of running a center, including acquisition of space, engaging of personnel and all other expenditure shall be borne and paid by the Franchisee only and the franchisee shall not be entitled to require the Franchisor to share any part or portion of such expenditure or reimburse any part thereof. 
13. The Franchisee alone shall be responsible, liable for any samples send by them to the First Part during the transit till the First Part received of such samples. 
14. Tests are performed in due schedule given in the test listing. In unavoidable circumstances such as non availability of kits, instrument breakdown, natural calamities, test may not be done as per schedule. But it will be ensured that the delay is minimized. 
15. Tests cannot be performed successfully for the following reasons: a. Quantity of specimen is insufficient as per required. b. Quality of specimen is unacceptable (Hemolysed / Clotted / Lipemic etc.) c. Histopathology or cytology specimen without history is not acceptable. 16. The Franchisor shall have power to make such bye-law, rules and regulations as may be considered necessary in the interest of the business. 

I Sri / Shrimati _____________________________________________do hereby agree that all the above mentioned terms & conditions are true and I fully agree to the above terms & conditions.

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